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From one-off projects to long-term strategy, we deliver striking results

Good PR is all about the story. We work with the most exciting in the business and, as journalists and editors with over 10 years of environmental PR experience, we specialise in teasing out the most newsworthy stories. As a result, our clients benefit from an exceptionally high conversion rate.

Our environmental PR campaigns generate valuable press coverage and position your organisation as an authority in its field – the first port of call for interviews and expert opinion in the press and on social media.

We take the time to get to know our clients and, since we’re already connected into the industry, we regularly help them to source new opportunities and business leads.


But don’t take our word for it, here’s what our clients say…

Valpak – Strategic PR across multiple sectors


Valpak talks Packaging, Retail and Waste Management. As the UK’s largest environmental compliance scheme and a data partner for the UK’s voluntary Plastic Pact agreement, it is a key player in the debate on EPR reform and the driver behind innovative projects such as the Valpak National Cup Recycling Initiative. Using its specialist Data Insight Platform, Valpak also works with retail partners to assess and monitor potential areas for improvement within supply chains.

Carolyn Cross Communication provides PR support across the full range of Valpak activities.

We have also:

  • Devised the seminar programme for the Valpak Packaging Theatre at the RWM show.
  • Been shortlisted for three entries in the National Recycling Awards and Awards for Excellence.
  • Secured numerous speaking slots for Valpak at industry events.

Over a three-month period, our PR strategy generated 27 unique pieces of print coverage reaching over 650,000 readers, plus online material, radio and TV coverage.

“Carolyn adds a great deal of value to our team, thanks to her understanding of our business and of the industry in which we operate. She easily collaborates with various people in the business, which is important for us because expertise sits across a wide range of departments. Carolyn and I have a great working relationship and we are able to share ideas and bring them to fruition.”

Josela Renardson, Marketing Manager, Valpak

Amur – Food waste service tops the tables


As part of the AB Agri group, Amur specialises in nutrition. Launched in 2016 with a food waste, gas-to-grid anaerobic digestion plant in Yorkshire and comprehensive AD consultancy service, Amur has quickly established itself as an innovative, fresh voice.

As one of few UK businesses involved in the whole supply chain, from growing crops to the management of food waste, Amur has a unique perspective and a host of stories to tell.

Targeted environmental PR has helped to:

  • introduce the company to the Waste Management, Biogas, and Food and Drink sectors.
  • position it as an authority on feedstocks and plant performance.
  • generate valuable press coverage at key points such as the launch of the ground-breaking Bullet BMP biomethane test, and industry’s first rapid inhibition test.

In 2019, Amur was the only AD project to be chosen as a finalist in the National Recycling Awards.

“Well-targeted public relations activity is always important, but more so for start-up companies. Carolyn has been a key member of our team, helping us to drive optimum values out of the new products and initiatives we have brought to market over the last five years. Ab Agri is an agricultural company and we knew little about waste when we set up Amur, so having a contact like Carolyn, who has been immersed in the waste industry for years, was exceptionally helpful.”

Nigel Lee, General Manager, Amur

YEE – Training in Environmental Communications


In 2012, young people from across Europe travelled to the Czech Republic for a week-long course in Environmental Communications. Carolyn Cross opened the training sessions with two days of news-writing and environmental PR skills.

The students learnt how to spot a story, pick an angle, and write active, engaging copy. When the course finished, they put their skills into practice, producing a press release that was immediately picked up by the regional newspaper!

“I really appreciated Carolyn’s careful and thorough approach to our training. The training session about writing press releases covered both theoretical input and practical work, and it was one of the most appreciated sessions. Apart from her professional qualities, I valued her personality as well, we were really surprised at how quickly she became a part of our group.”

Tomas Protivinsky, Project Manager, Youth and Environment Europe

“The most valuable session was the one about writing a press release and pitch – because I think it is very important and useful to know how to address the media in order to have your articles published.”

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