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Editing isn’t just about words. A good editor will have a natural feel for the flow of copy, give text a coherent voice, and check for keyboard slip-ups. An outstanding editor will listen, understand your goals and give your document or publication a style and authority that outstrip your expectations.

We have been editing environmental magazines, reports and newsletters since 2002. Our creative flair and attention to detail will help you make a big impact.


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Contract publishing – magazine production


Carolyn Cross has edited three of the major titles within the recycling sector – Recycling & Waste World, Resource, and LARAC members’ magazine, the Loop.

As an editor, she managed every stage of the process, from concept to approval of the final magazine for print.

If you’re looking for creative ideas and an editor who is expert in recycling or sustainability for your members’ magazine or newsletter, we can advise you or offer a cost-effective quote.

“Under Carolyn’s editorial direction, our magazine developed, and then maintained, its own unique look and style. It was so well received by our membership. Carolyn’s work provided a really professional calling card – it really stood out among other titles in the same field.”

Joy Blizzard, Ex-chair of LARAC

WRAP – Fibre to Fibre report


With global clothing consumption on the rise, and demand for raw materials expected to triple by 2050, a deficit of five million tonnes for cotton is predicted by 2020. Meanwhile, an estimated £140 million-worth of clothing is sent to landfill each year. WRAP’s Fibre to Fibre Recycling report examines the potential for the development of textile recycling.

WRAP commissioned Carolyn Cross Communication to edit the report – making structural changes, ensuring a consistent tone of voice, and proofreading the final version.


Report: Nespresso – Consumer Attitudes to Recycling


Nespresso commissioned the Consumer Attitudes to Recycling report to better understand global trends in behaviour, with the aim of improving consumer participation in recycling, and identifying opportunities to increase the recycling of light aluminium items, including Nespresso coffee capsules.

Carolyn Cross edited the draft copy, using her knowledge of recycling issues and key players to suggest relevant contributors, and ensuring that messaging was consistent and clear.


Seeing is Believing



Cylch commissioned Carolyn Cross to project manage a short book highlighting the best in Welsh local authority and third sector recycling. Carolyn managed all aspects of production, from design to print. She contracted designers and photographers to plan layouts and illustrate pages, interviewed project managers, and wrote and edited the copy for each of the case studies.

The book, Seeing is Believing, featured Welsh and English language content and was distributed to delegates at the annual Cylch conference.



Report: WRAP – Sustainable Clothing Guide


Extending the life of 50% of clothes by an extra nine months would reduce carbon, water and waste footprints by around 4-10% each.

In addition to working with clothing organisations to trial techniques that may result in improved longevity through design and manufacture, WRAP commissioned a technical report to publicise the findings. The Sustainable Clothing Guide shares best practice on how to design, produce and sell clothing that lasts longer, and that can be easily reused and recycled.

WRAP commissioned Carolyn Cross to edit the final report – suggesting structural changes, establishing a consistent tone of voice, and proofreading for errors.



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