New year, new... everything - 13th January 2013

For those who've been lucky enough not to have been inundated with reminders from my email autoresponder, I recently moved from urban café culture and foodie heaven to the more rural delights and greenery of Gloucestershire.

Since the move before Christmas (admittedly still ongoing), I've smugly been extolling the virtues of superior field views and polite motorists, and boasting about all the independent shops (bookshop, off-licence, travel agent, dry cleaner... gun shop...) in the one-horse high street.

Or I was until Saturday, when I narrowly avoided a head on collision with a 30mph Astra driven by a young guy on the phone who didn't see us even though we were the only vehicle in a one-car-wide road. Just in the nick of time, he swerved one-handed, up onto the pavement, bounced off a wheelie bin and carried on. Waste gets everywhere you see.

But more to the point, I now have a new phone number: 01453 297457, and for those of you wondering why my blog posts have been, at best, infrequent this year, I need to explain another change – on 30 January I finish work to begin maternity leave, so my output is likely to reduce entirely to a mere has-blog.

I will return to work part-time on 8 July. In the meantime, all the best for a successful 2013, safe driving, and spare a thought for the impending chaos of early parenthood!

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