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- 19th April 2010

Clean and green. That's the accepted view of a renewable future. Close your eyes and what do you see? Lush vegetation, birdsong, maybe the hum of industrious bees pollenating fragrant blossom? Or patches of scrubby land, dockyards and convoys of giant artics blundering across the country?

About Time
- 7th April 2010

Google 'Time' and the first thing you'll see are the world's varying time zones. An unlikely third, National Rail Enquiries, is closely tagged by a bustle of publications and Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. Surprisingly, there's no mention of the more conceptual aspects of time, the staggering number of ways to measure longevity, or even Dr Who.

Environmental Entrepreneurialism – What Happens If The Tories Win?
- 22nd March 2010

Some years ago I interviewed the then Environment Minister Elliot Morley. Affable and entertaining, he happily expanded on my questions, at one point getting quite carried away. “I’ve got an enormous one,” he chuckled. “I like to play with it in the garden.”

Step up to renting and reuse
- 6th March 2010

Fear of knife crime rocked the headlines a few years ago, with amnesties at police stations and changes in legislation making it illegal for the under 16s to walk into a supermarket and hand over the cash for a cheese grater, let alone a bread knife.

Round the U-bend
- 5th February 2010

If I’d ever harboured secret dreams of glamour, they were well and truly demolished recently when I stamped my card as an official waste nerd by taking a day trip to the local sewage works.

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