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Strategic Communication
- 9th September 2010

In the 1971 film, Harold and Maud, the eponymous Harold – a teenager who gets his kicks attending strangers' funerals and faking his own suicide – admiringly tells Maud: “You sure have a way with people.” "Well," replies Maud: "They're my species.”

Spare change?
- 23rd August 2010

Freeskilling, freeconomy, freeganism, freecycle – all great buzz words for the dawn of the twenty-first century, but networking sites have left me screaming for more DIY self sufficiency and less SEDIFY, aka Someone Else Does It For You.

Call me...
- 6th August 2010

From rock bands to rocks, textiles to volcanoes, we've all got one. But when it comes down to it, how important are names?

- 18th July 2010

I recently interviewed someone who said he'd bought a recycling product because it made a design statement. To be fair, he knew what he wanted and it was just a case of choosing the right model, but in a world where fashion changes at the drop of a hat, just how important is design?

An Oily Business
- 5th July 2010

As the Tate comes under increasing pressure to refuse BP sponsorship, a number of investors are tripping over themselves to sever links with the oil giant, but what's more surprising are the number of so-called ethical companies still involved.

Smells like...
- 20th June 2010

We talk about it, write about it, swot up and tell other people what to do with it, but how many of us have really been up close and personal with waste?

Mail Order
- 14th June 2010

In a week that's seen a number of environmental sector figures recognised in the latest Queen's honours, maybe it's time to give an award for the most frustrating and persistent levels of junkmail winging their way around the country.

Age of Consent
- 1st June 2010

Half a decade ago, the government's information commissioner Richard Thomas confirmed what many suspected; the UK had 'slept-walked into a surveillance society'.

Stars on 45
- 14th May 2010

Which Star Wars character are you?

Don't worry, it's not the latest facebook quiz. After watching the most recent Jeunet (Delicatessen, Amelie) film Micmacs recently, in which a 'family' of misfits living beneath a landfill site construct gadgets from salvaged bits and bobs, eventually defeating the French arms trade, I got thinking about waste, the silver screen and celebrity culture.

Filthy rich
- 2nd May 2010

"Welcome to Deepwater Horizon. Relax, away from the hustle and bustle, at our marine paradise in the heart of the Gulf of Mexico."

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