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Party Prizes
- 6th July 2011

It's been a long time but I'm back in the blogosphere with news of recycling 'on the go', persistent offenders, and how recycling and farming fit together like shoo-bop-shoo-waddy-waddy-yippedy-yip-de-yip. Yes, it's the UK's greatest party, Glastonbury!

Next Door Wood Store – transforming timber, transforming lives
- 11th May 2011

I don't normally use my blog to shamelessly plug clients, but this is such a fantastic product that I couldn't hold back. See for yourselves...

The National Community Wood Recycling Project has launched an online shop, the Next Door Wood Store (, selling timber products created by its members.

Sale or return
- 16th March 2011

This week's motto is 'Drink Aware', as soft drinks giant Pepsi unveils the world's first plastic bottle made entirely from plant-based resources and the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) reports that a UK drinks container deposit scheme could generate £432 million a year for community projects. But how do deposits stack up against the traditional genie in the bottle bank?

Seeds of revolution
- 9th February 2011

Is it wrong for men to buy themselves flowers? I'd be quick to shout out no, but I can name at least one man who feels uncomfortable with the concept – and carries on regardless.

Burning issues
- 6th January 2011

Big Ben is ablaze (albeit a cardboard effigy rather than the iconic genuine article), and coalition policy steams ahead with the enthusiasm of a tiger cub taking part in its first kill. Let's hope you recharged your batteries over the Christmas break because whatever your political persuasion, you can bet that the year ahead is going to see some shaking up. For starters, while the government is set on flogging off national woodland, the UN – with perfect comic timing – has declared 2011 the International Year of Forests.

Landfill bans
- 7th December 2010

Targets for greenhouse gas emission reductions and positive figures for household plastics recycling roll in as this week's good news, but many in the recycling and waste management industry are still playing a waiting game to see what next spring has in store in the government's waste review.

Talk Talk
- 17th November 2010

In the Beginning Was the Word.

Then along came text messaging and social networking sites and the world of communication stepped over the brink with no more than a backward glance.

Garbage Dreams
- 3rd November 2010

There's always a great deal of talk about 'community' and 'engagement', but last month's Cylch conference showed that we don't know the real meaning until we see the work of Cairo's Zaballeen community. 

Psycho bin-filler
- 14th October 2010

In some ways I'm a complete coward. Every week, I open the lid of the communal wheelie bin to find it rammed to the brim and stinking, unmistakenly, of food waste. I cringe, bite my tongue and lurk back upstairs. Maybe it's time for action, but what is the best way to encourage participation? 

- 29th September 2010

Winter's looming and who would have through that bringing in the crop might call for power tools?

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