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NHS Scotland spearheads first national, cross-discipline contract for reuse
- 18th June 2015

The Scottish Health Service has achieved a world first with a contractual commitment to furniture and equipment reuse that expects to generate savings of more than £300,000 and major carbon reductions across procurement, facilities management and waste services in the first year.
The contract, which was awarded to the Warp It online reuse platform, is the first such scheme to operate on a national basis.

New year, new... everything
- 13th January 2013

For those who've been lucky enough not to have been inundated with reminders from my email autoresponder, I recently moved from urban café culture and foodie heaven to the more rural delights and greenery of Gloucestershire.

Since the move before Christmas (admittedly still ongoing), I've smugly been extolling the virtues of superior field views and polite motorists, and boasting about all the independent shops (bookshop, off-licence, travel agent, dry cleaner... gun shop...) in the one-horse high street.

Grocer buy-in
- 25th September 2012

As I meander through the veg aisles of my local supermarket, Matthew the British apple farmer beams down, Chairman Mau-style, from giant posters. He looks like a nice guy, and while the supermarket may be getting a lot of mileage out of him, it does mean fewer nasty air freight and truck miles.

Fossils fuel anti-wind lobby
- 14th June 2012

The UK is the windiest country in Europe, and it’s not just politicians that generate all that hot air. In fact, if we set our minds to it, we could harness the power of the wind to drive the whole country without needing gas, coal, or any of the fossil fuels we rely on at the moment.
Even more crucially, to meet the government’s renewable energy targets, we will have to make better use of renewable energy, whether that comes from the wind, sun, or making electricity from food waste.

New Direction?
- 17th April 2012

This month, I am 10. In April 2002, when I took over as editor of the newly relaunched, tabloid version of Recycling and Waste World magazine and started to grapple with the intricacies of the End of Life Vehicle Directive and concept of PRNs, I had no idea that 10 years down the line I’d still be writing about participation, high (and low) hanging fruit, and whether we need carrots or sticks to usher in change.

Business buys in
- 30th November 2011

Food waste means business. Local authority household collections are relatively common these days but, increasingly, processors are also chasing feedstock from commercial premises such as supermarkets, food manufacturers or large-scale hospitality chains.

Honey - Nature's Finest
- 15th November 2011

Honey melts in the mouth and drips off the tongue, soothing sore throats and masking the taste of nasty medicine. You can cook with it, dribble it on your toast or just lap it up from the jar. But how would you feel about nature's sweetest treat if it rocked up at the farmers market with a GM label? European beekeepers are aghast at the idea, but if a ruling by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) comes into effect, they will be tasked with proving that their bees are GM-free or forced to do just that.

Power Hungry
- 8th November 2011

Ever feel like you need an energy boost, something to help you power on through the day? If you feel run down, spare a thought for UK plc because if industry experts are right, it's not just in need of a tonic; we're running clean out of energy and facing greater competition for vital imports needed to keep the country's business heart pumping.

Jammy Dodger
- 25th October 2011

Last Friday, someone in the UK won £20.84 million in the EuroMillions triple rollover jackpot. That's right £20.84 million – enough to buy a garage in Chelsea, or a lifetime's supply of Jammy Dodgers for you and a significant other.

Fabric of the universe
- 22nd September 2011

Jean Paul Gaultier
once said, “It's always the badly dressed people who are the most interesting”.

That's good news for those of us who rifle through the cupboard for inspiration every morning before wriggling into an ancient, floppy cardigan, but doesn't go far to explain our obsession with image and new clobber. In the UK, we buy two million tonnes of clothing each year and, as the branded bags totter through the front door, we're busy creating wardrobe space by cramming half as much again into bin liners bound for charity shops, or the local landfill site. 

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